$50 FREE Promo Code with Every Purchase (Until Dec. 2)

Get $50 FREE to spend at Vegas.com with any purchase!  No exclusions, and no minimum purchase, so buy the cheapest thing, and get a $50 FREE Coupon to use.  Coupon will expire June 30, 2020, and can book anything up to June 30, 2020.  Do not use the APP to book or you will not receive the $50 Coupon.

Since this is the last day, if you need multiple $50 Coupons, make several purchases.  Make sure they’re under different names and emails.  You are free to use the same Credit Card.  At this point, it’ll cost $7.40 for each $50 Coupon code, which is well worth it.

Book anything by December 2, 2019 to receive a $50 Coupon.  Coupon will be delivered via email within 24-48 hours after booking.  One coupon per account, so make sure everyone gets one!  If you do not receive a coupon after 48 hours, contact Live Chat and they will issue you one.

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Here are a few of the cheapest items I’ve found(Best to purchase Monorail since everyone can use):

Best deals after the $50 OFF:

All Holiday Exclusive Deals

Top Attractions:

Shows(service + processing fees extra) – Book with multiple accounts at same time to make sure you sit together

  1. Some shows allow you to select seats. If this is the case, each person can use their own coupon and select seats before they checkout to ensure that they sit together.
  2. Shows that do not allow seat selection, if you book at same time, there’s high chance u will get seats next to each other, but not guaranteed.
  3. If you don’t end up with a seat together, go to box office early and request that they change the seats for you. They will accommodate if they can.
  4. If all else fails, tip the usher a $10-20, and if the show’s not full, they will be able to move you. I’ve gotten incredible upgrades this way. Might be worth it to tip anyways, plus you’re saving so much money.

Dining and Restaurant

For example, book the Monorail for $11.60, and use the $50 Coupon to book a David Copperfield Ticket.  Each person can do one transaction, and select seats and so you can sit together!  So a show that’s usually over $100 will only cost service + processing fees!

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