Get Almost FREE Las Vegas Flights on a Private Jet with Blackbird – $150 FREE Credit

Ever dream of flying a Private Luxury plane to Vegas?  Time to put a check mark on that Bucket List!  For a very Limited Time, get almost FREE Las Vegas Flights on a Private Jet with Blackbird with their $150 Free Credit Promotion!  When you Sign-Up for Blackbird and get $50 Credit for each of your flights, up to 3x!  Mobile users will have to download the app.

Semi-Private Charter, No Lineups, No Security, Unlimited Alcohol!  What more can you ask for!  You’ll be flying with JetSuiteX, a highly rated and respectable Charter company with this method.

This promotion is mostly for people traveling between California or Las Vegas only.  However, you can sign up now since credits don’t expire and Blackbird does plan to expand.

What is Blackbird?

Think of Blackbird as Airbnb for planes!  It’s a medium for pilots and companies to post their Private Jets available to rent out to the average person.  They are acting as an agent in arranging the flight.

But is Blackbird safe?  Your safety is our top priority. Every pilot and plane is Blackbird-approved, which means they’ve passed our own gold-standard safety check.

  • Commercial pilots: You always fly with an FAA-licensed professional
  • Premium partners: Our charter operators are world-renowned, with impeccable safety records.
  • Business-class planes: Blackbird customers only fly on luxury planes that have been recently inspected.
  • Local leaders: These pilots are community leaders, with a deep understanding of their local airports.

Where does Blackbird Fly?

Blackbird flies to numerous destinations, but we’re going to focus on Las Vegas.  You can do round-trip to/from Las Vegas via:

  • Hawthorne(Hawthorne Airport) – From $540
  • Burbank(Burbank Airport) – From $79
  • Concord(Concord Airport) – From $199
  • Oakland(Oakland Airport) – From $79
  • Orange County(John Wayne Airport) – From $79

How do I get Almost FREE or Discounted Flights?

If you followed my instructions and signed up using Blackbird referral code, you’ll receive a $150 Credit.  You can use $50 Per Booking, up to your first 3 bookings.

Remember, each person should sign up individually and book separately to maximize the Free Flights.

To get free flights, just book one-way at a time!

Let’s do a sample itinerary.  Use the RESERVE: Secure a seat on a scheduled flight option.  Flying out from John Wayne Airport from Orange County to Las Vegas, we can see many instances where the fare is under $100.  These flights will be on JetSuiteX, a very highly rated and respectable Private Charter company.

Same with the Las Vegas to Orange County return trip.

So, let’s book a Las Vegas trip from December 16 to December 20.   So since the flight is only $79 each way, if you book one-way at a time, you’ll actually see something like this.

Once it goes through, the amount becomes $29, and that’s almost free!  Do this for each way to get a super discounted round-trip flight!

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What are you waiting for?  Click here to Sign-Up today using Blackbird Promo Code and book your next Las Vegas trip today!  Have anymore questions?  Join our Facebook Group and we’ll answer as many questions as you have!