New myVEGAS Rewards – Fall Frenzy Swag and LuxeSwag

For those with ample Loyalty Points and nothing to use them on, PlayStudios has come out with new myVEGAS Rewards! For a limited time, you can now purchase Fall Frenzy Swag and LuxeSwag!  Just be aware, both the regular Swag and LuxeSwag sell out incredibly fast!  Join our myVEGAS Facebook Group and checkout our “Refresh Post” under the pinned post in the announcements for the best chance to get what you want!

As a warning, these items are valued at ridiculous rates and should not be purchased unless you have more than ample Loyalty Points.

The rewards are found listed under two new “Partners”, SWAG and LuxeSWAG.  Rewards will only be shipped to USA or Canada and are Non-Refundable!  The Fall Frenzy Promotion Period goes from 09:00 a.m. Pacific Time on September 1, 2020 to 09:00 p.m. Pacific Time on September 14, 2020

The rules for the Prize Giveaway ticket can be found here:

Fall Frenzy Swag

The myVEGAS Fall Frenzy Swag is refreshed randomly 4 times a day and include smaller items such as mugs and t-shirts.  Some items are unique to each game, so make sure you open the correct game to get what you want.

There’s also a SWAG Giveaway Ticket available for 100 Loyalty Points:

“Purchase an entry to win exclusive myVEGAS swag bag!  It has everything you need with a stylish shirt, modern cap and a mug featuring your favorite characters!  Good luck winning the ultimate myVEGAS swag bag!

Limit 10 entries per player.  Shipping to US and Canada only.  Reward must be used by September 14, 2020.”

POP! Slots Swag
my KONAMI Slots Swag
myVEGAS Swag

Fall Frenzy LuxeSwag

For you high rollers, the LuxeSwag has much more valuable items, such as an iPad, Apple Watch, PS4, and more!  Some of the apps restrict the number of LuxeSwag items you can see, so stick with myVEGAS Facebook myVEGAS Mobile, or myVEGAS Blackjack to see all the items.

These LuxeSwag rewards are only refreshed once a day and sell out within minutes so good luck!

The descriptions do not give any indication of what models of each item you’re getting!  There’s no telling what series Apple Watch you’re getting, or what size and model Apple iPad that gets shipped.  I will update this post once I get confirmation or more information.

**UPDATE** – Confirmed Apple Watch is Series 5, and iPad is just regular latest generation of iPad.  Sizes and Models are still unknown.

There’s also a LuxeSwag Giveaway ticket for 1,000 Loyalty Points:

“Purchase an entry to win the complete LuxeSwag bag!  It has everything you need including our Luxe myVIP Jacket, Apple iPad, and Airpods!  Good luck winning the ultimate LuxeSwag Bag!

Limi 1 entry per player.  Shipping to US and Canada only.  Reward must be used by September 14, 2020.”

More and more myVEGAS Rewards will be released in the coming months so please check back to ensure that you don’t miss out!