POP! Slots Tips & Tricks 2020

The biggest change in POP! Slots is that you no longer earn Loyalty Points from popping balloons!  This is also the best change!  Although the most entertaining app of the myVEGAS family, having to continuously pop balloons for LP was tedious and time consuming.  Now, you can earn your precious POP! Slots gold coins by simply playing your favorite slots!  However, there is still a daily limit on the amount of LP’s that can be earned, so follow these simple steps to ensure you max out daily!

Stop Playing when you hit the LP Limit

Once you hit your Loyalty Points daily limit, stop playing!  You’ll only end up losing unnecessary chips!  Your LP meter will stop moving once you hit this limit.

Collect Your Daily Chips

Collect chips daily and religiously!   Grab them from these sources:

  1. Grab daily free Pop Slots Chips from our very own website.
  2. Get your email chips!  They come randomly from [email protected] so don’t miss them!  Follow this Missing Email Chips guide if you’re not getting them.
  3. In game chips, including the daily and hourly bonuses.
  4. Turn on app notifications and you’ll randomly receive bonus chips!

Watch Your Chip Stack

You never want to be out of chips.  Once you’re out of chips, you cannot earn more Loyalty Points.  This means not betting too high, as that would create a higher chance of losing all your chips faster!  Play around with the bets and bet an amount that ensures that the LP meter still moves, but not that you’ll run out of chips incredibly quickly.  If you need to, spend a few days to collect chips to build your chip stack up, so that you have enough to play continuously and max out your LP’s daily!

Hopefully, this quick guide will help you gain as many POP Slots free chips as possible, max out your Loyalty Points daily, and most importantly, have more fun!