Top 5 myVEGAS Rewards to redeem when low on Loyalty Points

Your  next Las Vegas trip is coming up soon, and you’re low on myVEGAS Loyalty Points!  Furiously playing all the Facebook and Mobile myVEGAS apps, and collecting free myVEGAS Chips everyday, you’re still short on everything you want!  However, redeem from this list to get the maximum value for the little Loyalty Points you have!


1. Buy One Get One Free Buffets (Value: up to 5 cents per LP)

Buffets in Las Vegas are expensive.   Gone are the days of the $4.99 buffets where a family of 4 can gorge for under $20.  However, it’s almost a rite of passage to hit up a Las Vegas buffet and with myVEGAS, you can still go without deciding that only one of your kids get to go to college.

The myVEGAS 2 for 1 buffet rewards range from 4,000 Loyalty Points(Circus Circus Breakfast) up to 26,000 Loyalty Points(Bellagio Dinner).  Whichever buffet you choose, you’ll get incredible value.  At 26,000 LP’s, you’d save $38.99 + tax on a Bellagio Dinner buffet.

The absolute best buffet value would be the Aria Dinner buffet.  For 15,500 LP, you would save $38.99 + tax.

If you want to absolutely stretch your Loyalty Points, redeem for an Aria Lunch buffet for 8,000 LP, go for a late lunch, around 2:30-2:45pm, and wait until they serve the dinner items at 3:00pm.

2. Nine Fine Irishmen 2-For-1 Entrees (Value: 2 cents per LP)

This reward is one of the best kept secrets of myVEGAS Veterans!  I almost feel bad letting people know!  The Nine Fine Irishmen 2-For-1 Entree is labelled as that, but in actuality, it’s something else entirely!

For only 17,500 Loyalty Points, you get a $35 Credit Voucher with no restrictions!  There’s no minimum spend, you don’t have to purchase 2 entrees, it can be used on whatever you want at Nine Fine Irishmen.  If there’s 2 of you, you can each get one for $70 to spend!

The Nine Fine Irishmen is a hidden gem in the New York New York.  Try the Chicken Pot Pie, the Shepherd’s pie, and my personal favorite, the Goat Cheese salad!  With their affordable prices, the $35 will ensure that you have a delicious and fulfilling meal!

3. One Complimentary Show Ticket (Value: up to 2.5 cents per LP)

As Las Vegas shows get grander, the prices get higher!  A Las Vegas vacation isn’t complete without checking one of these amazing shows!  With complimentary show tickets starting at only 25,000 Loyalty Points, there should be no reason that you don’t redeem at least 1 show for your trip!

For example, a ticket to Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil at the New York New York, even with a 30% off discount code, would cost about $66 after taxes and fees.  If a few people go together, that’s easily a few hundred dollars gone from your budget!  Instead, use 28,000 Loyalty Points to redeem this show, have some laughs, watch some boobies, and enjoy a great night of fun!

4. One Complimentary Room Night at Excalibur/Luxor (Value: up to 5.5 cents per LP)

At only 15,000 Loyalty Points(Excalibur), and 18,000 Loyalty Points(Luxor), you can get some incredible value on select dates.  If you’re not picky on where to stay, and just want a room to sleep in, these 2 properties will get the job done.

Generally, you’d save about $25-35 when redeeming these rewards.  However, there’s always those random dates where the prices are insanely high for no reason.  For example, on May 17, 2018, even with a 20% off promo code, Excalibur will cost about $80 after taxes.  For only 15,000 LP, there’s almost no other rewards that can match that value.

If you’re going with other people that also play myVEGAS, if you each book a room on subsequent dates, you can link them when you check-in so that you don’t have to switch rooms.

Start planning your next trip now, and checkout the myVEGAS One Complimentary Night Calendars.

5. Wolfgang Puck $25 Credit or Free Entree (Value: up to 4 cents per LP)

“Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill modernizes the traditional “bar and grill” concept with approachable fine dining in a dynamic and energetic atmosphere”

Affordable fine dining and Las Vegas don’t mix.  With more and more Michelin star chefs and TV personalities opening up their own restaurants, you almost have to have a trust fund just to eat something decent.  With the Wolfgang Puck Free Entree myVEGAS Reward, you can at least pretend to belong!

Depending on what you’re looking to order, one option may be better than the other.  At a very affordable 10,000 LP for the $25 Credit, and 15,000 LP for essentially a buy one get one free entree, both myVEGAS Rewards allow a fine dining experience without resorting to wearing a Pikachu suit on the Las Vegas Strip.

The $25 Credit reward requires two entrees to be purchased, while the Free Entree reward requires another entree of equal or greater value to be purchased.  Use the $25 Credit reward if you’re looking for a budget meal, and the Free Entree reward if looking for something to enhance your Las Vegas dining experience.

As an added bonus, this reward DOES NOT COUNT towards your Mlife reward limit.

Plan ahead, checkout the menu’s for the Wolfgang Puck at MGM Grand, Wolfgang Puck Cucina at Crystals, and Wolfgang Puck Lupo at Mandalay Bay.

These restaurants are often full, so make your reservations at beforehand.



Even with minimal myVEGAS Loyalty Points, you can get maximum value if using redeeming the above rewards.

Whether the hardcore myVEGAS player, or just a newbie starting out, save lots of money with the myVEGAS Rewards above.