myVEGAS Room Rewards FAQ

As of December 2021, there is an issue with some players no longer seeing some or all of the comp room rewards that they should see in the games. At this time we do not have any confirmed information as to why this is happening, or do we have any proven fixes for it.

myVEGAS Room Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

How Come I Don’t See All The Complimentary Hotel Rewards That Other People Have Posted?

Some myVEGAS Rewards, such as the 2 night Bellagio/Aria Complimentary Room rewards require a minimum spend before you have access to it.  There isn’t an exact number to access everything, but by the datapoints that we’ve seen, at around $50-55 USD spend on the game, you get access to the lower end hotel 2 night rewards.  At around $75-85 spend, you get access to the mid-tier hotels, and at around $125-135 spend, you get access to the Bellagio/Aria specified above.  Again, spending money doesn’t guarantee you get access, but from our datapoints, 99% of the people who have spent money will have these additional rewards appear.

Do I Need To Complete My Stay By The Expiration Date?

The Expiry/Use By date shown on the Comp Room Reward is NOT the date you have to complete your actual stay by. It is the date you need to complete the “booking process” by. During that booking process you can choose any date they offer on the availability calendars you see, even if they are months away.

How Do I Find Out What Dates Are Available To Book?

You can use the myVEGAS Calendars on this site to gauge what dates are available, and it’ll probably be 95% accurate, but availability is always subject to change.  To see the real-time availability for any Comp Room reward you MUST purchase the reward and start the booking process. There is a limited number of rooms allotted to myVegas Comp Room rewards by each property, on any night they offer. Once all those allotted rooms are booked by myVEGAS players for a specific night at a property, they will not accept any further Comp Room reward bookings for that date (even if that property still has other rooms available to book through any other methods).

How Do I Get A Refund On My Loyalty Points If The Date Is Unavailable?

If you purchase a Comp Room Reward, but then find that your date is not available when you start the booking process, you do not lose those LPs! You can simply exit the booking page at that point, and return the reward for a refund of the LPs you spent to purchase it. You return the reward from your wallet in the game by simply clicking to cancel it. Your LPs will be returned to your account. Remember that once you have booked a room with your reward, it can no longer be returned for a refund, as stated in the Terms & Conditions on the reward.

Is There Any Additional Charges To A Complimentary Room?

While the Comp Room reward does provide the room at no charge, you will still incur charges for the Resort Fees and taxes. All hotels will also require a security deposit upon check in.  If you have MGM Rewards Gold status or above, resort fees will be comped.

How Often Can I Book Complimentary Rooms?

Players are limited to using only ONE Comp Room Reward every thirty days, regardless of property. A Room Comp is considered used at the time you check in (it doesn’t matter how long ago you purchased or booked it). Players can not “stack” Comp Room rewards to use more than one during a trip by trying to purchase and book at multiple properties. However, if you are traveling with another player, you could each purchase & book a Comp Room Reward on your separate accounts for consecutive dates, then link those reservations at check in to allow you to stay in the same room for both reservations.

Additionally, a player can only have ONE active Comp Room Reservation on their myVEGAS account at any time.  Players can not book multiple reservations using Comp Room Rewards on different dates. You can not book another Comp Room Reward stay until after you checkout of the one you already booked, and that next Comp Room Reward booking will have to be for a date at least 30 days after your checkout date.

Can I Combine My myVEGAS Complimentary Room With My MGM Rewards Comp Room Offer?

Players who want to combine a myVEGAS Comp Room reward with a Comp Room offer from their MGM Rewards account MUST have 72 hours between those reservations. They cannot be used consecutively.

Can I Combine A myVEGAS Complimentary Room Reward With A Discounted, Exclusive, or Food & Beverage Credit Rate Reward?

Players CAN combine a Comp Room reward with a Discount, Exclusive Rate, or Food & Beverage reward in order to extend the length of their stay.

How Do I Book My Complimentary Room Reward Or Other myVEGAS Room Rewards?

  1. Create an MGM Resorts Account Here.  If you already have one, skip this step.
  2. Purchase the corresponding myVEGAS Reward or Rewards that you’re interested in.  You will receive an email shortly afterwards.  Follow the “Redemption Link” on that email to book your room.  It’ll prompt you to login to MGM Resorts Account and the promotion will be applied accordingly.
  3. That link will take you to the booking site. You are now starting the “booking process”. You will see all the availability calendars for the Comp Room Reward you purchased. Choose any date shown as available on those calendars – even dates that are several months away. You will be asked to select both your Arrival Date and Departure Date on the calendar.  Remember that your Departure date must be the day AFTER the last night of your stay.
  4. Following the instructions on the booking page, complete the information required for your reservation, confirm your booking, and you are done.
    Enjoy your stay!

I Get An Error When Trying To Redeem A myVEGAS Reward.

Try copying and pasting the redemption link and keep pasting in the search bar until the promotion is applied.  If that doesn’t work, try with a different browser.

If that doesn’t work, try calling the myVEGAS Redemption Line at 1-855-881-6074.  Normally, there is a $15 non-refundable fee to book through the phone.  However, if you mention the booking errors, they will usually waive the fee.