myVEGAS Blackjack Codes

How to collect myVEGAS Blackjack Codes

myVEGAS Blackjack codes have returned!  Combine the following myVEGAS Blackjack codes with the optimal blackjack strategy playing single deck to maximize the number of Loyalty Points you earn!

To collect the free myVEGAS Blackjack chips, simply click on the link and the chips will automatically load in the app.


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Single Deck Blackjack Optimal Strategy

Memorize this chart, and play perfectly and your myVEGAS Loyalty Points will accumulate incredibly fast.

Chart of Blackjack single deck strategy hit on soft 17.
Chart from

myVEGAS Blackjack Advanced Strategy

There is one feature of myVEGAS Blackjack that everyone should take advantage of.  If you have no more, or a very minimal chip stack, the Daily Bonus actually gives you more chips.

For example, at level 500, if I have no chips, I receive 500,000 free chips for my Daily Bonus.  However, if I do have 500,000 chips or more, my Daily Bonus only provides 150,000 free chips!

Always play until no chips!  If you’re unsuccessful in losing all your chips, it means you’re winning lots and accumulating unlimited Loyalty Points!

Step by Step myVEGAS Blackjack Strategy Guide

Get your free daily bonus chips.  In my case, it’s usually about 400,000 chips.

Play only single hand on single deck blackjack.  Bet half your stack, so 200,000 chips in my example.

Keep betting until you have about 20x your original stack.  Once I hit 4M chips, I increase my bet to 10% of that, so 400,000 chips.

Repeat this until you cap out at 1M/hand bets.  Feel free to play 2 or 3 hands at this point.

Bet 200,000 chips/hand until you hit 4M chips
Bet 400,000 chips/hand until you hit 8M chips
Bet 800,000 chips/hand until you hit 10M chips
Bet 1M chips/hand until you 30M chips
Play 2/3 hands at 1M/hand until you have no chips remaining

Most days, this myVEGAS Blackjack strategy will result in absolutely nothing earned.  However, there will be days where you can’t lose, and that’s how you gain chips!  Once you’ve gained enough, play conservatively to earn your 2,000 Loyalty Points Limit per day.

Image of myVEGAS Blackjack showing over 9 million loyalty points.

I still have over 9M loyalty points without using any myVEGAS Blackjack codes.  You can do it too!  Good luck to everyone!

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