Get $40+ FREE Online Shopping /w Rakuten

For those who don’t know what Rakuten is, it’s an online cash-back shopping portal. Basically what this means is that, go through Rakuten before you shop online, and get cash-back! It’s as simple as that! Sign-Up today and get $40 FREE!

Almost every online store is available at Rakuten, including Walmart, Target, Groupon, Expedia, Walgreens, Sephora, Kohls,, and many many more! Amazon is on there as well, but they’re not offering cashback at the moment, so that won’t count towards your minimum spend.

Right now, as a Welcome Bonus, get $40 FREE Bonus Credit when you make $40 in total purchases within 90 days! So, basically, spend $40, and get $40 back plus whatever cashback you would earn on your transaction or in the future! This is only for new members only!  Works for both USA and CAN (Must spend $40 USD equivalent).

As an added bonus, earn unlimited $40 BONUSES if you have Friends or Family like a spouse, partner, sibling, parents, etc, that might be interested, refer them afterwards for another $40 Bonus to you per referral! I know people who have earned hundreds of dollars from just referring friends and family, since this promotion is so amazing!

$40 FREE Sign-Up Bonus /w Rakuten

  1. Sign-Up with this Rakuten $40 FREE Credit Link (Make sure it shows $40 to sign-up like the above image. May need to use incognito or private-browsing)
  2. Within 90 days of joining, make minimum purchases of $40 or more. Make sure to go to your favorite store through Rakuten to ensure the purchases qualify.
  3. Receive the $40 Welcome Bonus as an account credit, where you can be issued a check or through Paypal.
  4. Start Referring others to earn even more money!

How to Use the Rakuten Shopping Portal

  1. Sign-Up with this Rakuten $40 FREE Credit Link or Login if already have
  2. Use the Search Bar and search for your favorite store, and click to go to that store. It’ll also show the cashback available
  3. Click on the “Shop Now” button to be forwarded to the store. Shop as usual and earn cashback and your $40 Welcome Bonus!

How to Refer your Family & Friends and earn hundreds more!

  1. Sign-Up with this Rakuten $40 FREE Credit Link or Login if already have
  2. Click on the “Refer & Earn $40”
  3. Share your special link with Friends & Family
  4. As long as they sign-up under your link, and do the $40 qualifying purchases, you will receive $40 and they will receive $40! Do this for unlimited referrals!

$40 Bonus Referral Period starts Nov. 4, 2020, and ends Dec. 25, 2020.