myVEGAS Updated Reward Limits


As of April 11th, 2019, PlayStudios has updated their reward limits to involve premium and non-premium rewards.

Based on our close negotiations with our partners to secure the maximum amount of high value rewards for our loyal players, the following limits are in place:

Premium Rewards
Full MGM comps are now considered premium rewards. This will be noted in each rewards terms and conditions. Players are limited to 3 premium rewards per 30 days per the terms and conditions.

Non-Premium Rewards
For rewards by MGM (or our other partners) that do not state in the Terms and Conditions “This is a premium reward”, you can redeem as many as you have the LP to purchase per the terms and conditions. Treat yourself to a BOGO show, BOGO cocktail and a discounted room on top of your premium rewards!

MGM Rewards outside of Las Vegas
For properties outside of the Vegas area the standard 3-in-30 rules currently still apply to all rewards offered at those properties.

Cruise Rewards
Most cruise rewards require that you apply the reward at the time you book, or within a certain period after your reservation is made. Some rewards are for select sailings only or are non-refundable for certain limited time offers.

I loved that reward! When can I purchase and use it again?
Most rewards are limited to “1 per player” per offer period. This is also noted in the Terms and Conditions. This means that you can purchase this reward once each offer period. When the offer period renews you can purchase it again. Offer periods are subject to change based on the availability and our negotiations with our partners. We do this to offer all of our players the best chance to sample all of our great rewards.

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