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Travel to a new dimension in this fast-paced, trippy new show from Spiegelworld, the creators of ABSINTHE. OPIUM is an adults-only, comedy, musical, magic, variety, stunt show, unlike any other show Vegas has ever seen. OPIUM was named the “Best of Weird” in Las Vegas Weekly’s Best of Vegas 2018. This side-splitting show takes place on the OPM 73, a 1980s era, B-movie rocketship en route from Uranus to Las Vegas. A band rocks out a playlist of Earth’s greatest hits with vocals provided by an alien chanteuse. In-flight entertainment is provided by the galaxy’s most talented variety performers, who double as the flight crew. Magic tricks, juggling, daring aerial feats, acrobats with a chihuahua and hula hoops and more fill this 90-minute hilarious tribute to every science fiction B movie in history.  Get great deals today with our Spiegelworld OPIUM discount show tickets below.

OPIUM is big on talent, shy on political correctness and deliciously scandalous. One person on Facebook described it as “Rocky Horror Picture Show met Buck Rogers and exploded in Captain Kirk’s pants!” This is one of the better shows on the Strip. Rude, crude, terribly funny and engaging. Just seeing the sword swallower is worth the cost of the ticket.  Anyone with an open mind and love for the bizarre will love OPIUM.

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OPIUM Show Times:

Select Dates: 8 PM & 10 PM

OPIUM Restrictions:

Must be 18+ to attend.