Pop Slots Free Chips Collection – No More Force-Closing

One of the most frustrating aspects of collecting free Pop Slots Chips is that it’s buggy!  Sometimes it doesn’t collect properly, sometimes it says it’s expired, and even if it does work, you have to force-close the device after clicking on every free Pop Slots chip link!

How I collect Free Pop Slots Chips now!

The usual process for me is go to the Free Pop Slots Chip page, make sure the app is closed, and if not, force-close it, click on the latest Pop Slots link, collect those chips, force-close the app, and repeat until all the available, non-expired links have been collected.  Although you get a lot of chips this way, it’s both time consuming and tedious.  If you have a slow tablet or mobile phone, this becomes so bad that sometimes, it’s not even worth collecting these chips!

Latest Update Fix!

For most people, the latest update has seemingly fixed this issue!  If you haven’t downloaded the latest update on IOS or Android, do so immediately, and test for yourself.  I now no longer need to force-close the Pop Slots app before moving on and clicking on the next Pop Slots chip link.  So even when I’m playing a game, and a new Pop Slots chip link appears, I can now just click on the new link and collect my chips!  Beware though, this does reload your app and kick you out of your current slot game.

Again, this is only for a majority of people, I’m sure there will still be issues for some people, so be patient, and hopefully a permanent fix will be released for everyone!

What About the Other myVEGAS Games?

It seems the latest update has fixed all the issues on all the other myVEGAS games.  This includes myVEGAS Mobile Slots, my Konami Slots, and myVEGAS Blackjack too!  Just make sure you’ve updated to the latest update on your mobile device and try today!

So remember to visit our Pop Slots Free chips page for your daily chips, and earn those Loyalty Points faster than ever!