Pop Slots Hottest or Coolest Machine

If you’ve played Pop Slots, you’ve seen the red or blue arrows on specific seats before joining the specific set of slot machines.  The red arrow denotes the Hottest Machine, while the blue arrow denotes the Coolest Machine.  So what exactly do these represent and which one should you choose?

What are the Hottest and Coolest Machines?

The hottest and coolest machines in Pop Slots are pretty self explanatory.  The hottest machine implies that you’ll receive the highest rate of return, and the coolest machine implies that you’ll receive the lowest rate of return.  Just like in Las Vegas and other casinos around the world, there are always “hot” machines where you can’t lose and play for hours and hours, and there are “cool” machines where you can’t win on a single spin.  In Pop Slots, the Hottest Machine just mean that the returns there have been the best based on most recent events, and the Coolest Machine just means that particular seat has been the worst in that set of machines.

This is Playstudios own interpretation:

“Just like Slot Play in real-life, our developers wanted to give our players the chance to choose their winning slots similar to how they would at a physical location.  Many players find that the big wins are in the seats that are already warmed up by previous players.  Plenty of others get the feeling that Colder machines might offer more winnings and Jackpots.”

Which Machine Should I Choose?

Based on the informal discussions and posts in all the forums and Facebook groups, as well as my experience playing this game for over 5 years, there is absolutely no difference!  Slot machines are built on a random number generator, and thus has no memory!  Just because a machine has been “hot”, does not mean it’ll be hot again, and the same applies for “cool” machines.  In the end, slot machines are based purely on luck, and so, just choose any seat you like, it makes no difference in the long run!

How Do I Get More Free Pop Slots Chips?

Instead of focusing on which machine to sit on, focus on collecting all your free Pop Slots Chips from as many sources as you can!

  1. Visit our Pop Slots Free Chips page daily to make sure you don’t miss out on any chips!  Pop Slots chip links usually expire in about 24-48 hours, so make sure to collect daily!
  2. Subscribe to Pop Slots email chips.  This should have been done automatically when you first signed up for the game, but sometimes, you may need to resubscribe again.  Use our Free Email Chips Guide to make sure you don’t miss any in the future!